Hot Spots on Dogs


What Exactly are these unsightly skin sores?

Technically speaking, they can be categorized under these more clinical terms.

I will attempt to cut to the chase here so you can get maximum information and benefit from this article.

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Hot Spots – Clinical Terms:

Pet Food Causing

Skin Allergies?

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Hot Spots are skin eruptions on your pet that are usually caused and accelerated by biting, licking, or scratching the infected area. Nasty and extremely painful, these skin sores can show up on you dog at anytime. They can have many causes like, a bug bite, a small cut or scratch on the skin that begins to itch and your dog continues to lick, bite and scratch the area.


Other causes can include; an allergic reaction of the skin brought on by a particular food ingredient, medication or household/environmental allergy. An ear infection or even mindless licking from boredom can also contribute to these pesky skin irritations..

It’s all the scratching, gnawing and licking of the area that allows bacteria to enter into the wound and grow into a full blown infection.

Hot spots on dogs can pop up practically anywhere on your pet. Common places for them to be found are the backside and paws. Though they can pop up anywhere on your animal, like the head and neck, the worst place is in areas where your pet can easily lick, bite or scratch.

The key to effective treatment is to act FAST, as soon as you think your pet could be developing a hot spot. Hot spots on dogs can start out very tiny, practically invisible and in the course of 24 hours grow into the size of a tennis ball, red, irritated and oozing with pus.  Often times your pets hair can mat down and cover the irritation which can hide the actual size of the infected area. It is important that you investigate any indication of a hot spot infection immediately.

There are several Home Remedies for Hot Spots…
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